Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

In early 2015 All-Inclusive Community Health Center began the journey of transforming their practices to a Patient Centered Medical Home model of care. The Patient Centered Medical Home model provides enhanced access to your primary care physician; is patient focused; coordinates and tracks all the care you receive; and is involved in performance reporting and quality improvement.

The PCMH delivery system is nationally proven to increase patient satisfaction, provide better health outcomes and decrease the cost of health care. Your insurance provider is supportive of this care delivery system and has been involved in its development in AICHC.

How does PCMH affects your healthcare?

PCMH is a model of Patient focused care that emphasizes patient education, preventative healthcare, patient participation in their healthcare. It is all orchestrated with the patient’s PCP. Practice coordinates patient’s care across multiple settings. Practice acts like a central hub, a control center which allows patients to take more proactive role in their own healthcare with support of a team of healthcare providers and staff (not just physicians).

This new way of delivering healthcare also depends on YOU.  We ask you, the patient, to take a more active role in your care.  The first step is by setting goals with your physician to improve your health.

During your next visit, ask team member to give you more information about Patient Centered Medical Home model. You can also download PCMH brochure online by these links.

PCMH English Brochure
PCMH Spanish Brochure

Why has AICHC worked to achieve PCMH status? The PCMH model of care is the gold standard in healthcare today. AICHC believes in the core PCMH principles of patient centered teamwork, coordination and management of care, and the measurement and reporting of quality. We want your healthcare experience to be the best it can be whether it is in one of our medical offices or at a specialist’s office we refer you to.

Our offices will be actively engaging you in your own healthcare. We’ll remind you when you need follow up care or your yearly wellness visit. We will communicate with you in ways that are meaningful and convenient for you, and from time to time we’ll ask you to grade your experience by filling out a patient survey. Transformation involves you, everyone you encounter prior to, during, and after your visit. We are giving you, our patient partner, the opportunity to improve your experience.

AICHC is committed to obtain Patient Centered Medical Home recognition for starting in 2017. Our focus is to improve the patient experience by providing better access to your provider, enhance patient education and engagement, and measure quality improvement.  As we move toward this tremendous goal, we hope that you will take a moment and observe the transformations taking place. We value your comments and opinions. Please let us know how we are doing.

Thank you for putting your trust in AICHC. We welcome you to schedule your next visit and meet your healthcare team.

Click here for more information about the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).